Natalie Ledbetter

Natalie Ledbetter

Head of People and Platform

I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change… I’m changing the things I cannot accept.

Angela Davis

Natalie is Head of People and Platform at boldstart and is focused on working with founders to think strategically about everything People Operations, at Seed. With talent often being the make-or-break to a company’s success, Natalie acts as an extension of our portfolio companies’ teams, working with founders to build and scale people-first companies. Harnessing her superpower–straddling the line between operator/executor and strategist–Natalie focuses on the entirety of the employee experience/lifecycle, building programs that attract, engage, grow and retain.

Natalie has over 17 years of work experience and has spent the last eight years in People Operations leadership. She has built and scaled three hyper-growth startups (Shapeways, Curalate and Stash), owning the people operations practice, end-to-end (HR, Talent Acquisition, Employee Experience/Culture, L&D, Facilities) in Fintech, Martech, 3D Printing, and I-Banking.

Natalie spent her entire formative years as an expatriate in Jakarta, Indonesia and went to an International school with 90+ nationalities. Her deep international experience not only solidified her love of people and connecting, but allowed her to grow and develop in a community where diversity, equity and inclusion were table stakes.

Natalie has a Bachelors of Journalism from The University of Texas at Austin, and she is passionate about travel, dogs, adventures in fine dining, modern art, and immersive theater.

Fun boldstart story:

I started at boldstart during AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas which was a great way to meet a number of our founders in person. Charlotte let me know that since the event was weeks away, she was only left with two hotel options: the Trump International Hotel or the STRAT (formerly the Stratosphere). No stranger to Las Vegas, I listened to my conscience and opted for the STRAT. After I checked in on day one, I realized that the STRAT was not like any of the Vegas hotels that I had stayed at before. Let’s just say that I wouldn’t be shocked if you could rent rooms by the hour. That night we had a wonderful sushi dinner as a team and as we parted ways, I remembered the room that I had to return to. YUCK. On my second day at work, I woke up feeling woozy. . .food poisoning! Thus, I spent my entire second day, room-bound, laid out, in the STRAT. The moral of the story is: If they have rooms for $25/night, you might want to consider the Trump International, even if it goes against your conscience.

Fun facts:

Favorite food: Just one?! Mexican, Indian, Sushi, etc.
Favorite arcade game: Ms. Pacman!
Favorite cartoon character: Ren & Stimpy
Favorite music: I was a college radio DJ in Austin, so this one is HARD. I’ll go with Hip Hop and Indie Rock
Favorite emoji: I just discovered the Orangutan Emoji! 🦧