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Congrats Ed! Midas Seed List 2023: The Earliest Venture Capital Backers In Today’s Tech Icons (Forbes)

  • Forbes
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  • 05.05.2023

Now in its second year, the Midas Seed List spotlights the top 25 seed-stage venture capitalists in the world: the savvy investors making the earliest bets on leading companies that have gone on to disrupt and dominate existing industries or define ones of their own. These investors are commonly propelled to their top spots by writing the first check into companies that have transformed the way we live and work….

Ed Sim, Boldstart Ventures (#9)

Years ago, Ed Sim recognized that the digital world would need a robust ecosystem of security and infrastructure products to keep things running smoothly and protect consumers and businesses. Since founding Boldstart in 2010, he has invested early in startups meeting those challenges – and in many cases, been hands-on since day one.

One of his most successful early-stage bets was his participation in Snyk’s $3 million seed round in 2016 – the company is now valued at $7.4 billion. He also invested early in BlockDaemon, valued at $3.3 billion, and data intelligence company BigID, valued at $1.3 billion. He still serves on the board of all three.

Relevant Investments*:

· BigID

· BlockDaemon

· FrontApp

· Kustomer

· Security Scorecard

· Snyk

· Superhuman

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