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For Developer First, Infra & SaaS Founders.

Before you build your team, before you write your first line of code, before you even take your first check—that’s when boldstart gets to work. We collaborate with technical founders well before company creation, lead pre-product rounds at Inception, and rally our developer-first and SaaS network to help turn bold ideas into category-creating iconic companies.

We’ve been in the trenches with Snyk, Blockdaemon, Kustomer, BigID, Superhuman (and so many more) from Inception.

The Latest

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AtomicJar raises $25M Series A, opens public beta of Testcontainers Cloud (TechCrunch) »

Silicon Angle | 12.18.2022

Cybersecurity startup Protect AI launches with $13.5 million in funding »

There’s not just one playbook.

Getting from idea to Series A is a tangled path. There’s no prescription. You need a true believer in what you are doing, to help you figure out what’s next and be with you when it’s hard to see the path ahead. That’s what boldstart does, and we’ve done it repeatedly for more than 10 years now.