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20VC: The Three Types of Seed Rounds (aka “Inception Rounds”), Why Seed Has Never Been More Competitive…

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  • 10.27.2023

🎙️ Well that was quite fun! 🙏🏼 Harry Stebbings for having me on 20VC and also for making me feel 👴🏼 once again

We covered what’s happening in the “seed” market and why I believe it’s the beginning of a new era of “Inception Investing”, why it’s already happening, and why every firm is racing to be first.

For those that don’t know what “Inception Investing” is and why pre-seed ain’t really first, here you go:

“Inception Investing: means engaging with founders well before they incorporate, helping them battle test and iterate those ideas, helping them pre-sell some of the initial hires, and leading those rounds upon company formation so founders can run fast out of gates and not spend months trying to raise capital. It’s been happening for quite some time and not constrained by any $ amount.

More here: https://boldstart.vc/resources/inception-investing-first/

Listen in and please share your thoughts!